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Post Independence

Independence Post Independence, after a number of years small manufacturing units started by first generation Indian Entrepreneurs started forming in India. Initial Phase was the growth of Manglorean roof tiles.

The need of roof tiles was the highest as small homes and huts needed a lot of roof tiles. Across India, the roofs were largely made from manglorean roof tiles. The kneoledge of sanitary ware and tiles though available did not find many takers. It was not as yet a basic need or maybe it was a question of affordability.

Twenty years after independence, the purchasing power of households and the support of government housing with sanitation ld to production of Sanitaryware. With urbanization on the rise and cities accepting the concept of hygienic sanitation, the growth became huge.

The 80s

The 80s saw a growth of manufacturing units across India. They were broadly classified into Roof tiles, Sanitary ware, Tiles, including mosaic and ceramics. Gift articles, figurines and religious idols and toys of terracotta.

Largely small scale industries were into manufacture of these articles. India was emerging as a major buyer itself. Moreover, the produce in India was very cost effective and hence had a vast potential for export.

There were a number of Indians across the globe, many of tehm Gujaratis. The community with good networks and business acumen would bring in good orders and also enable manufacturers to up grade their manufacturing capabilities.

The 90s and the 21st century

This period saw a two phased surge in supply and demand for Indian ceramics. Thangadh and Morbi, became the ceramic clusters of India. The Growth in India itself had a great demand and the factories did not even have to have a marketing activity as demand far outstripped supply.

The technologies transferred from shuttle type batch processing to tunnel type continuous production. Supply increased. More investments came in and more capacities increased.

The 2000s saw a vast change in marketing and design activities. The design and development of products and technology upgradation gave a choice to customers in tiles as well as sanitaryware.

2015 : The future. Be ready for huge growth.