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Morbi Today

morbi today
Morbi today is one of the most thriving entrepreneurial hubs of India. It is a matter of pride that you can find production of almost any products in and around Morbi. The Gujarati Mindset is at its best displayed in the businessmen in Morbi who have set up big manufacturing units largely in Ceramics, Clocks and presently, laminates and other allied products.

The industrial growth has also fueled growth of peripheral industries like transport, computers etc which support the backbone of the industry. Not to mention the employment generated by the industries that supplu ample opportunity to the youth of the city as well as other villages around. There are a lot of worker migrating to Morbi from other states.

Morbi has some of the best travel and leisure historical spots for tourists from around the world. The city can be toured in about three hours an ideal time to drive down from Rajkot and drive back home within about six hours of leisure time.

The combination makes Morbi and ideal destination for Business and Pleasure. Businessmen can come with about two days, visit a number of manufacturing units and later have leisure time to themselves at the various historical sites in and around Morbi.