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The European Influence


The taking over of India by the eurpeans had a very profound effect on ceramics industry. The initial inventions mixed with the inputs from the European developments led to innovations that gave much better uses of ceramics.

It is well known that there was wealth of knowledge with the british. They also had a vast resources and the ability to manage and administer growth. Further, with the British Empire spread across the globe, it was easy to adopt technologies from different parts of the world in India.

India also had a very rich deposit of alluvial soil on the shores and river beds of India. This enabled the britishers to open up institutes and research centres for ceramic development. With time, a number of very small industries of Pottery and ceramics started to develop in India.


The biggest knowledge transfer that came to India was in the form of Sanitation and health. The advent of sanitary ware and tiles that were manufactured in Europe made its way to India. There were a number of Indians who traveled to Europe for education, many of them in technology where they got an exposure to Ceramic ware.