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About Morbi

morbi city
Morbi is a small town located in Gujarat state at the bank of river Macchu. It is however, one of the fastest growing industrial areas in India. It is the ceramic hub of India and has maximum mid cap ceramic industries in the country. To read more click Ceramic Industries in Morbi

Morbi is a municipality at present, however it will soon be upgraded to Municipal corporation because of the vast growth of Industry and hence the population as well. A Taluka of around 80 small villages it prides itself to be one of the better employment providing cities of India. It is in Rajkot district and 67 Km away from Rajkot.

A Short and Proud History

Morbi was found in 1698 and has been ruled by several communities. From Moghuls to Rajputs to the Britishers, Morbi has had a variety of rulers who have affected the region in a number of ways.

However, the most important and blessed period for Morbi was when it was ruled by the Thakors, namely Waghjee Thakor and Lakhdhirji Thakor. In 1879, Waghjee Thakor took over the kingdom of Morbi, when he was just 18. In fact he came to throne at the age of 13, but the Britishers ruled as he was believed too young to rule.

He was a visionary and always worked for betterment of the people of Morbi. He started development of Railway lines and the Station. He started development of Schools, Hospitals etc for providing better education and healthcare to the people. He was respected and loved by the common man as his vision was to make Morbi a better place to live.

After his death, his son Shi Lakhdhirji Thakor came to power and he continued the good work of Shri Waghji Thakor. He was instrumental in completing a number of projects started by his father. He is also known to have set up Electric Powerhouse and Telephone Exchange. He started the Engineering College which till date passes out a number of good engineers.

Morbi, The strong Will to Live and Grow.

Morbi has been attacked by two natural calamities of dangerous proportions. One was the flood in 1979, when the Dam over river Machu broke and the whole city was submerged in water. Help could arrive two days later by which time a lot of lives were lost. However, Morbi bounced back stronger.

In January 2000, India experienced one of its biggest earthquake and Morbi was effected as well. There were a number of houses and building that collapsed and many people and animals lost their lives.

However, as always, the people of Morbi bounced back and went from strength to strength. The Strong will to Live and grow is exemplary in the people and entrepreneurs of Morbi.